Cover Image Tour of the Island

The island tour starts in the morning until early evening and you will get to see the explicit shoreline of Hydra. There are several stops at wonderful spots around the island for swimming and sightseeing. The locations and the time spent on each beach, depends on our guests’ preferences. The island tours take place upon request as there must be at least 10-12 passengers on board.
In case you are a large group you can book a private trip.

The boat departs from the port of Hydra at 11:00 in the morning.

The fare costs 35€. Lunch options are also provided at the price of 15€ per person.


Our journey starts from the port of Hydra. Starting out trip we will pass form “Kasteva” and if the weather conditions permit us, we will make a stop at the area called “Nero”. Leaving “Nero” you will have the chance to enjoy a tour of one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece, the “Zourvas” lighthouse. Following our roote, we head towards the cliffs of “Agios Ioannikios”, where you will have the opportunity to see a breathtaking landscape of tall cliffs, so steep that some say it is like they are sliced with a knife. On the edge of the cliffs, there is the hermitage of “Agios Ioannikios“. This area is often compared to Acapulco and our adventurous guests can dive from the high cliffs.

Shortly before our main stop, provided the weather conditions allow us, we will explore the seabed within the “Secret Cave“, also known as the “Daskalakis Cave”. Visitors can swim in the cave, discovering the purple seaweed of the seabed.

The next stop will be at “Limnioniza“, where you can go ashore and enjoy the sun. You will have time for bathing and relaxing. Limimonza is known for the crarity of the waters and the white pebbles alogn the beach. During our stop, you can enjoy sunbathing or relaxing with the music on our boat. Departing form “Limnioniza”, we will head south and before we reach our next stop, we will pass through and observe the small caves where the seals give birth.

Arriving at the “Nisiza” area, we will have time for lunch and to rest on the deck of the boat. Our journey continues with a few minutes in Angali and Tsigri Cave, where you can take great pictures and hear the stories that are heard about this cave.

Before we head back to the port, we will visit the pine-covered area of ​​Agios Georgios for one last dive. On the way to the harbor we will pass from Molos and we will be back by 5:30 in the afternoon.