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Our new family “member``

Kymatoligi’s size is 14m length and 4m width. About one third of the boat can be separated by internal doors if you wish. In the interior of 12m2  there is captain’s navigation area, a small bar and a fridge. The rest of the space is occupied by comfortable seats and two restrooms. On the rear of the boat there are also passengers’ seats and a platform to embark and disembark or have access to the sea during our tours. There is also a barbecue for special events. On the upper deck of the boat there are also several seats with small tables.

We keep our boat nice looking and neat always having in mind your comfort during our tours whether you are on the lower or the upper enjoying nature. Kymatoligi’s capacity can serve 65 to 75 passengers depending on the trip’s distance. The conventional speed is 25nm and can reach over 35nm. All safety requirements are fulfilled with modern equipment and there also monitors connected to GPS navigator to show you the route we follow as well as information for the places we visit.