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Vlachodimitris family members are George and Giola – the parents- and their children Kontilenia and Stamatis; all born and raised in Hydra island.

The family’s engagement in tourism, and their great appreciation for the sea becomes apparent to anyone who meets them for the first time. They all know every inch of the island by heart and can offer great service to anyone that wishes to explore Hydra. What’s important to be mentioned is their life philosophy and professional approach: visitors will experience pure and authentic local hospitality rather than cold professionalism. Each member of Vlachodimitris family is guided by this principle in order to provide an unforgettable experience and exciting holidays regardless the benefit.

The parents en
Giorgos en
Giola en

George, the father, comes from a family who is deeply connected with the sea. His father was a professional fisherman during the winter and in the summertime he provided transportation to passengers and tourists around the island. Due to his constant interaction with the sea, it is only fair to admit that George was “literally” raised in the water and it is proven by the fact that he is still passionate when cruising with his boats, fishing and consequently tourism. Even when he was a preliminary school teacher, he never stopped his naval activities.

So far, he has been the captain and owner of four different boats which he used for various purposes: passenger transportation from and to any place accessible by boat -even beyond Hydra-, transportation of goods and supplies and leisure activities. The boats’ special appearance and level of comfort show the amount of care and time that George and his family have spent to make their fleet a unique and safe choice for both locals and visitors.

Giola, the mother, is also born and raised in Hydra, belongs to a family closely related to naval occupations. Her father was a professional cook on ships and that’s how she developed two different skills; her love for the sea and the art of cooking. Apart from cooking she has great experience as a restaurant manager in many local businesses. During the summer you will find her at our canteen in Agios Nikolaos beach where she will be more than happy to make sure that the visitors receive the best service while having fun times at the beach. She loves classical music and jazz and managed to pass this passion to her children.

The kids en
Kondilenia en

Kontilenia, the daughter, is raised in Hydra. She lived in Thessaloniki for eight years during her studies on Music Science and Art at the University of Macedonia. She is a teacher in Music Schools and in the summertime she returns to Hydra to help her parents either with the cruises or with her mother at their canteen in Agios Nikolaos beach.

Stamatis en

Stamatis (the son) is also born and raised in Hydra. He lived in Thessaloniki where he attended Music Studies. At the moment he is living and studying abroad but he always returns to Hydra in the summertime to help his father with the cruises; he has great experience with the boats since he spent his childhood in them.